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to premium German language tuition,
uniquely tailored to you
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Our Philosophy

We provide premium German language tuition uniquely tailored to you. Face to face on zoom or in person, at the office or at home. One-to-one or in small groups.


If you're looking for flexible training that offers quick results, keeps you motivated and builds your confidence - you've found it.

If you're in London we look forward to meeting you in person.

If you are elsewhere in the world we will see you on zoom.



"My teacher has been very good, using a mixture of set texts and conversation. She adapts the class to your needs and your speed of learning. She is also very patient. I have really enjoyed my classes and am now quite confident."

"Thank you for your dedication, kindess and patience over our lessons together. You made learning German fun!"

Mick Moller, print setter, Donnelley

"Thank you very much for everythig. You've done a fantastic job. We are very happy."

Lady Elena Ochoa Foster, CEO of Ivorypress and art curator

Jimmy Weir, CFO, Egmont Publishing