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Germany - more than ommpah and Lederhosen
  • Famous Germans don't all belong to the past. Werner Herzog, Michael Fassbender, Till Schweiger, Karl Lagerfeld, Helmut Newton, Steffi Graf, the Rothschild family, Wim Wenders, Claudia Schiffer, and Heidi Klum are all German.


  • Equally, beside the classical composers like Bach, Beethoven, and Wagner, Germany has some excellent modern music to offer, e.g. Scorpion (hard rock), song writer and actor Herbert Grönemeyer, Rammstein (metal) and the excellent up and coming Fotos, Clueso (both rock/pop) as well as more established Die Prinzen, Söhne Mannheims, Blumentopf, and Ärzte (rock/punk).


  • Did you know? Germany hasn't been a country for very long: it was only officially founded in 1871. Before then, Bavaria, Prussia etc were all independent countries with their own kings and laws.


  • Berlin became home to the biggest train station in Europe in the year 2006.

Useful Links

LEO online dictionary

The European Bookshop

German Way, for useful tips on German culture and more

ARD, TV station (a bit like BBC1)

ZDF, TV station (a bit like ITV)

Deutsche Welle, radio station a bit like BBC World; they have many interesting pages for learners of German, like the "Video Thema", a short topical report with separate transcripts. They also do slowly spoken German news for intermediate German students.

Slow German: an excellent podcasts on all things German, spoken slowly. The author, Annik Rubens, also provides transcripts and exercises. 

Make   German (More) Fun Become a Couch Kartoffel and watch a German film

Lola Rennt / Run Lola Run, shot in West Berlin in 1998, where Lola has 20 min to raise 100000 German Marks to save her boyfriend's life. Tense and fast paced. And she does run a lot. 

The Oscar-winning The Lives of Others / Das Leben der Anderen, an atmospheric account of the life of a spy in East Germany, spying on his fellow citizens.

Deutschland '83, (currently on Channel4oD) a thrilling new crime drama series set in the 80s, where a rookie spy is recruited to infiltrate the West German army. 

The very funny Goodbye Lenin, where a son painstakingly recreates life as it used to be in the past, to keep his fragile mother's sanity