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Wir sind für Sie da

Our bespoke premium packages are customised to cover only topics that are relevant for you, relating to your work and interests - be it professional business language or chatting to friends and family. From patent law terms to drinking songs at the Oktoberfest, from talking to taxi drivers to ordering at a restaurant.


Tell us what you need to talk about and we'll teach you how to say it in German.

More Confidence

Don't get yourself in a prezel. All activities in class are designed to increase your confidence. We will do lots of practical exercises and use the German you need in real life to give you the confidence to talk in German. To real Germans. In Germany. 

German pretzel
personallised language classes


All our classes are highly personalised and always go at your pace. No more feeling lost in class. No more boredom. You don't like grammar? No problem. You want to concentrate on speaking? You got it.


We tailor classes to include as much reading, writing, listening, and speaking as you like.

Your German language specialist

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